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What is the Serbian Scout Jamboree?

Serbian Scout Jamboree represents the biggest scout activity which takes place every four years, and gathers members of the movement from all over the region and the world!

On what date is it organised?

22-31. July 2023.

How do I know which WOSM category my Organization belongs to?

The jamboree fee depends on which category your Organization belongs to. WOSM recognizes 4 categories - A, B, C, D. Through this Link, you can see to which category the Organization you are a member belongs.

Who can apply to be part of the international service team?

The International Service Team, or the IST, is made up of volunteers who assist with the delivery of the Jamboree. It is composed of host country and international Scouts. When nominating members of the IST, NSOs should take into consideration the individual’s ability to manage the physically and psychologically demanding conditions at the event. IST members should be 19 years of age or older.

What is the age limit to participate in the jamboree?

All categories have the right to participate! From the cub scouts to rovers (30+).

What does the fee include?

Camping at the jamboree campsite, 3 meals a day and a snack, participation in the program of the Jamboree, and a participant pack. The participation fee does not include the organization of transportation.

What are the payment dynamics?

When making a reservation (until March 30), the payment is 20% of the participation fee. The second payment should be made by May 30, 2023 - 46,6% of the participation fee. (First + second pay = 66.6%) And the final payment should be made by July 15, 2023

How to get to Zaječar?

There are many ways to get to Zaječar.

If you are choosing to travel by plane, you can travel to the airport Konstantin Veliki in Niš or the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, or maybe the more convenient way for you is to go through Bulgaria and go to the Sofia Airport and travel to Zaječar.

If you are traveling by coach/bus, almost every city in Serbia has a direct connection to Zaječar, so it will be easy. Railway transportation is not so developed, so the best way is to check here if there is a suitable train for your travel inside Serbia.